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Informational Cascade: Human Beings are all SHEEP

The premise of this article called "Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus" can be briefly explained in this example. "The studio audience at "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" usually votes for the right answer. But suppose, instead of the audience members voting silently in unison, they voted out loud one after another. And suppose the first person gets it wrong. If the second person isn't sure of the answer, he's liable to go along with the first person's guess. By then, even if the third person suspects another answer is right, she's more liable to go along just because she assumes the first two together know more than she does. Thus begins an "informational cascade" as one person after another assumes that the rest can't all be wrong." Food for thought: Could this be happening in other facets of our society??? Anthropogenic Global Warming (a bunch of weathermen got together and predicted what the weather will be 100 years from now..........envoking th famous Chicken little line....... "The Sky is falling" More on that later........for now chek out what Tony has to say about the low fat diet Informational_Cascade.pdf