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What would you Ask for a Circle Question?

So either I bombed or just had a 4pm class uninterested in my unconvincingly feeble circle question.

I just finished listening to 90's rock music in the morning so I asked "What's one of your favorite rock bands from the 90's?"  I even provided some prompts "The age of grunge, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses and Green Day..."  The first to my left was lost for any answer for 10-20 seconds.  Others said poor question or wanted another.  I guess personally, being in my early 40's helped as the 90's were my High School and University Years of going to concerts and burning CD's weekly.  No iPods around yet.

Half the class of 12 had some answers when I allowed any popular band you liked during the 90's.  Snap and TLC even came up.  

So - Whatever.  

I need to restock and get some more circle questions.  

What would you ask?

We do have a spreadsheet with 600+ of them but they're pretty much used up or too long.  So Dash had the idea of asking you all who read this and the members only facebook page to reply with some original one's.  I don't need a list of 100.  Just your best 2 or 3.

Many Thanks in Advance,