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Inspiration, where do you get yours from?

Something that was very inspirational to me is the prayer below. Easy E read this on Andy Nutts day and had has all hold hands it was a beautiful moment and I wanted everyone that missed this prayer to hear it and take away from it what you need. Much Love to Easy E!!! TECH: Front Squats (sets of 5) Focus on keeping those elbows up to help you drive out of the squat WOD: "Hello Legs" 21,15,9 Front Squat (135/95lb) Overhead Lunge (45/25lb) GHSU Coaches you are most likely going to need to run heats for this WOD due to limited GHD Machines and possibly plates. Or for those that have not been doing the GHSU much substitute these for Abmat situps. Now a few school notes: 1. The Sheik is organizing a trail run this Sunday September 11th. Here are the details. Meeting Place: Crossfit Vancouver at 8:45am (should be rides available - please email Sheik at if you need a ride) or Bridgman Park at 9:00 am Run Time: 1:30 to 1:45 trail run with some vertical gain (nice trail) 2. CROSSFIT Endurance Seminar is coming, October 1st&2nd more info to come tomorrow Happy Friday Dash