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Inter-Student Romance

As it turns out, and not a complete surprise, some of you students, apprentices and god forbid, instructors fall in love with each other. It is not as common as one would expect, probably because before going there, one would reason the consequences of it not ending well and having to both be a part of the same community. Normally the leader of such a school/corporation/community (what ever you want to call it) would not condone such activity, but my mentor Greg Glassman married one of his clients. It is a tricky business, but I believe because we see each other every day under such duress, one's character is exposed and the essence of the person comes through. Falling for each other in this light is hard not to condone. Who can possibly predict the future? What we have seen....... is that if it happened to not work out, it doesn't have to end in disaster and ugliness, but one of understanding and respect. Character traits of our community. The best group of people on the planet. Charlie and Hallie are a great example of this. Bring on the Halloween party and all your friends who possess great character, who are not a part of this community yet. Got anyone you might want to be your ex someday? smile Thursday's Lesson Plan: THE TODDLER Some time ago we did this workout and The Toddler (formerly known as Hot Toddie) posted a score no one believed. I think Tbear actually refused to accept his score ( 156) on the leader board thinking Toddler had made a "Typo" Toddler has refuted this assumption for over a year and claims he did it fair and square. Toddler this is your chance for redemption brother smile Warm Up: Irish Wedding dance (an old classic....) Tech: Clean & jerk WOD: Toddler 1 minute of Clean and Jerks (95/65) 1 min rest Total reps in 20 min Team up two people to a bar and switch