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Introducing Weekly Stretch Therapy Classes

CrossFit has often been criticized for being too hard on our bodies. And if you treat everyday like a competition day, where you push yourself until you're half dead lying in a heap of sweat and vomit, the criticisms have merit.

We've all been there - addicted to the rush that comes from crushing a WOD. We push and push. We overtrain. And then we get injured. Sigh. Shoulder injuries, for one, have caused many a CrossFitter to take more time off than they'd like. But we've become wiser. We've learned our lessons. Rest, mobility and stretching are just as important and getting a personal best Helen score. So, Giselle Nagy, owner of Cocoon Wellness (the beautiful Hungarian bombshell who now has her own stretch therapy and massage room at the school) is going to be hosting weekly stretch therapy classes at CF Van. Sidenote: she also happens to give the most powerful and therapeutic massage in the city! People who have worked with her have seen huge improvements. Pete PBI Bell Irving, for one. When he arrived at CF Van a few years ago, he could barely overhead squat the stick. In the last couple years, his shoulder flexibility has improved dramatically to the point where the last time I checked, he had a 185-pound overhead squat. Andy Sack also credits Giselle with having single-handedly healed a back injury he had before a big CrossFit competition a couple years ago when he was still in his prime :P On top of the twice weekly stretch therapy classes, every new student who does personal training at CF Van will do a one on one stretch therapy session with Giselle before graduating to classes.  Please note: it’s a pre-requisite to attend the iCocoon Stretch Therapy Intro within one year from your first class day (repeat for $30) . If you cant not attend the next iCST-Intro be sure to book in a Private Session with Giselle prior to your first Stretch Therapy Class. Classes: Wednesday night's 7 pm CrossFit classes are now Stretch Therapy classes. Starting next week! If you can't make Wednesday night, there will be a second class on Saturdays. Stretch Therapy Classes: Wednesdays 7-8 PM Saturdays 12:30-1:30 PM Cost: One Session: $20 Four Sessions: $70 Ten Sessions: $130 iCST-Intro Private Session: $70 *Fees include 12% HST.  Please pay before classes . We accept cheque or cash. Contact Giselle for more info: Visit Cocoon Wellness' website for more details about stretch therapy.