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Inverted Pullups!

Everyone can come back to the gym today because there's NO running! However I hope to see all the anti Gymnastics folk in... The point is we can't pick what the life throws our way, sort of like CrossFit workouts! So do we want to be specialist or do we want to get good at a variety of exercise. Get in the box and face the stuff you suck at, you are only human and there's always place for improvement no matter how awesome you think you are!! Cool day to learn some new skills, we are going to work on pistols as well as an introduction to the inverted pull up yo! Come play. Skill/Tech: Pistols & Inverted Pullups! Workout: Quenby 7 Rounds for time 5 pistols each leg 10 pullups 15 push ups 20 ab mat sit ups. image Thursday We'll stick to our Guns: Widow Makers & (1,1,1,1) Push Press