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Are Your Shoulders Limiting Your Golf Swing?

You've hear me say it before... Your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you own.  

“Impairment of one or more kinetic chain links (anatomical segments) can create dysfunctional biomechanical output…When deficits exist in the preceding links, they can negatively affect the shoulder"

Translation?  You just snap hooked your ball into the forest.  No chance of finding it.  Re-tee and your hitting 3.  Ugh.  (hangs their head in dissapointment and shame)

Your shoulders are responsible for 20% of your club head speed.  20%!!


By increasing your scapular stability we can improve your shoulder mobility and get you in some desirable and effective positions to make a good pass at the ball.

This article by Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness outlines beautifully the need for scapular stability and shoulder mobility so you can swing the golf club effectively.

“The scapular muscles must dynamically position the glenoid* so that efficient glenohumeral movement can occur.” 

*Note: The glenoid is the scapula cavity which along with the humerus (upper arm bone) creates the glenohumeral joint.


Here are just a few scapular stabilizing exercises that you can do to help increase the efficacy of your kinetic chain and golf swing.

Scapula Wall Slides

Wall Angels

Banded Arm Raises

Bent Over Row


 If you have any questions about your shoulder girdle's stability and mobility, or about TPI and Golf Fitness, or want to talk about that stupid snap hook ;-), please reach out to me, Chris Saini, at


Happy Training!