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Is your Food Fresh?

We ordered this documentary a while back with a plan to screen it at the box. We'd like to get some feedback on when would be a good time to do this? Was thinking a Friday night after classes either this week or next. Who interested in seeing this? Let us know. If you have watched Food Inc or King Corn. This one is different but Features one the farmers from Food Inc. Here is the Trailer. I found this recipe and being a big fan of both bacon and mayo I thought it would be worth a try. Who wants to try Bacon Mayonnaise? It looks pretty good. Thursday is Big Man Night! Warmup:800m Indian Ball Run Technique: Power Clean (8, 5, 3, 1) work up to find your max Workout: (this workout was borrowed from CrossFit Football) Complete for time: 10 Power Cleans 20 Push Ups 9 Power Cleans 19 Push Ups 8 Power Cleans 18 Push Ups 7 Power Cleans 17 Push Ups 6 Power Cleans 16 Push Ups 5 Power Cleans 15 Push Ups 4 Power Cleans 14 Push Ups 3 Power Cleans 13 Push Ups 2 Power Cleans 12 Push Ups 1 Power Clean 11 Push Ups *Use 75% of 1 RM for Power Clean weight (example max power clean is 180lbs workout will be done at 135lbs)