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“It smells Elite” An Early Post for Thursday

Early post - Sheppie's 39th Birthday Today. He's looks so young. I'm out for dinner tonight. Worried about all the animal fat increasing your cholesterol and then leading to heart disease?? Further to this little snip-it... please read and educate yourself with "Good Calories, Bad Calories" It's all there. Class dismissed - CrossFit Cartoon Time (sent in by our very own Iron Sheik) Thursday Workout
"Grace" -30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95) - Ground to Overhead (please lockout for a 1/4 second at the top)
You then have 15minutes to post your max pull-ups. Multiple attempts allowed. Please score this as a three or four digit number. So, if your Lumber and you complete grace in 1min and 55 secs then take a lil 5 to 10 min break and hit 44 consecutive pull-ups. Your Score is 155.44 Enjoy! T-Bear