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It started with a potato..and finished with not sleeping

Caron's Journey - Part 3

The past 6 months of my health and fitness life have been the most challenging and the most rewarding.

It all started with a potato. I was on vacation traveling through Iceland staying in small villages in guest houses. Most served limited set menus. I had the option of go hungry or eat the potatoes. So I ate them. I figured what the hell, I am on vacation, I will diet hard when I get home.

Not long after returning home I did Festivus. I didn’t have time to get myself back into keto so I ate the carbs. It was my best competition to date. I had so much energy. Hell, I even kept up with my partner Darcy on our synchro burpees! We kicked some ass and I felt great. Shit maybe there is something to this whole eating carbs thing…

But I was lost. Nearly 5 years of keto I had no clue how to feed myself. One little taste of sugar and I wanted more. I wanted all of it. Banana splits became my pre-workout meal. My performance felt great. The scale went up.

Rewind to last year - I did my first Olympic Weightlifting competition. I have fallen in love with the sport. I nerd out on Hook Grip videos and I dream of body weight snatches and 200lb clean and jerks. I signed up for 2 more competitions. February 3, 2019 Winter Masters. No problem. Except I was 10lbs over weight and Christmas was coming. I didn’t want to go back to keto because I loved my new-found energy I had from eating carbs. So, I did what any good dieter would do – weigh, measure, track and restrict. I knew the game. I was the restriction champ.

I knew banana splits were not the right choice for proper fuel, nutrition or weight loss. But I just did not know how or when or what to feed myself. So, I decided to learn. Not just books or podcasts, to really learn. So, began my formal nutrition education with Precision Nutrition.

My 3-inch-thick text book arrived and I devoured each lesson, each chapter with vim and vigor. Cellular biology and the biochemistry details of our hormones and metabolism married so nicely with my science background. 100% on all my exams. This is what I was meant to do.

So, for 3 months I restricted my calories, I shadowed Andy coaching the 6am and 7am classes and PTs, I went to work all day, I studied on my lunch break or at night, I trained, ate copious amount of veggies to keep me feeling full (hell it doesn’t count as binge eating if you’re eating cauliflower right?!?). Everything was going great; the weight was coming off.

Then the wheels fell off and on January 7, 2019 I stopped sleeping...... Part 4 Coming Soon!


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