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It’s all in the name… Jason ARMstrong

Earlier this week, US Navy Seaman Jason Armstrong broke 3 pull up World Records. image He did this over the Memorial Day Holiday to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project that helps seriously wounded soldiers. Armstrong set a new six hour record with 2,465 pull-ups, averaging 865 pull ups an hour Sunday night. He would go on to simultaneously break the 12 and 24 hour pull up records with 3,186 pull ups in 11 hours and 58 minutes. Armstrong finished with a total of 3,376 total pull ups after 15 hours and 48 minutes. Check out the story and video here. They aren't even kipping pull ups! Read how he prepared for his previous record here. Here are the rules and World Records for pull ups. Wednesday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Back Levers and Ice Cream Makers Workout: Tabata This Tabata Squats 1 minute rest Tabata Pull Ups 1 minute rest Tabata Push Ups 1 minute rest Tabata Sit Ups 1 minute rest Tabata Row (cal) Your score for each Tabata is the least amount you do in any round. Your score for the workout is the total of the 5 Tabatas. Sit ups can be done any way (ab mat or not). The shoulders have to come in front of your hips. Love Sheppy