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IV Treatment for Recovery and the Flu!

November 19th at 12.15pm Dr Adam Davidson of Mainline Sport and Wellness is coming to speak about intravenous treatments for recovery. Mainline Sport and Wellness is a brand new lower mainland company run by highly trained local ER physicians and nurses. The company is owned by Dr. Adam Davidson, an ER physician at Lions Gate Hospital, UBC faculty member and avid exercise enthusiast. Mainline specializes in safe, all-natural IV treatments that are optimized for people that like to give 100% to everything they do. Mainline treatments offer multiple benefits, delivered to your home, gym or office: Rapid rehydration and recovery with physiologically balanced fluids and electrolytes without the excess sugars and volume that come with most recovery drinks. Decreased muscle soreness, stiffness and cramping with added IV magnesium and zinc. Added high dose multi-vitamins provide the building blocks necessary to rebuild and repair muscles, tissue and blood cells as they move between catabolic and anabolic states. Anti-oxidants help to scavenge pro-inflammatory free radicals helping to boost immunity, ward off infection and minimize downtime due to illness. MadLab members are clearly motivated, hardworking and committed to making positive decisions to improve their lives. So we are partnering with Mainline help our members achieve their goals and optimize their performance both in the gym and in the rest of their lives. Come and listen to Adam speak and if you would like a treatment sign up at the school - Treatments on this day are for 50% off, ($50-$75 depending on what treatment). Adam can also provide official signed receipts so those with extended health plans that cover peri-medical costs like Naturopaths, Massage, etc (There is a sign up sheet at the main entrance) Check out the talk he did at Rocky Point - Mainline Talk Also some testimonials for his treatments: Dashie - I did this after competing at Nutts Cup and honestly I think without it I would have had way less energy that night and the next day and my muscles would have felt worse. The IV seemed to give me the energy boost I needed after competing. It is painless and definitely something I would try again. I also remember talking to Lars after he had his treatment. He was seriously hungover and after the treatment felt completely re energised and ready to there is another reason for you all ;-)  Sheppy - I've done IV therapy before but don't recall getting the jump I got from "The Whole Enchilada" at Nutts Cup. I was burnt out before Nutts.  It was a long day and this therapy not only gave me the energy and fortitude to last the day and evening but also recover the next few days.  I'd get this a few times per week if I could. Tbear - I had instant energy after a long busy day. The following day would have been worse had I not had the treatment.