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Jan 5th - Giddy Up as much as you can !!

Testing Week Continues.... Warm-Up - The Dreaded Dot Drill x 2 Technique
Clean and Jerk Find the max weight you can put overhead
but before that hit some K-Star pre-work (see the 3 links at bottom) Then go and clean like Josh Everett, jerk like James Hobart or go super big like Chad Vaughn. You can Power, Split, Squat Clean. But please try and perfect that Jerk technique, catch that bar with straight arms. Be quick. Workout "The Finisher" 10 Clean and Jerks @ 90% of your recent 1RepMax 30 Burpees Post load.time to leaderboard. Example: Sack could post 250.620 which means he did 250Lbs x 10 and finished the 10C&J's plus 30 burpees in 6min20sec. K-Star Vid's to checkout for Clean and Jerk Prep. 1st one to watch - wrist mob and some trippy spinal info 2nd - external rotation of the shoulders 3rd -Psoas Integrity - what's that? TBear