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I threw out my back and could hardly move.

Jelger has been at MadLab for 5 years this summer. His journey is very empowering and has a great message. 

Below is the intro but please go to the link and read the rest of the story:


Reconnecting with my body

In the Summer of 2014, I proudly started working out at MadLab, a gym that offers functional fitness and full body training. They had a strict ramp-up policy that required personal training with a coach until sufficiently prepared for group classes. The program finished with a graduation test, which in my case took an unexpected turn. In the last minute of my test, I threw out my back and could hardly move.

In the weeks before my test, my coach had cautioned me several times that I pushed myself too hard. He told me I only had two gears: neutral, and pedal-to-the-metal. And I used only one of those two in workouts. I didn’t understand what he meant, nor did I know how to do otherwise.