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Jenny Scott is ready for love

image Having your heart ripped out fucking sucks. We’ve all been there – been through a breakup that has left us heartbroken - but as shitty as it feels, we can choose our own post-breakup path. We can choose a time of wallowing, or a time of growth. Four and a half months ago, our very own Jenny Scott, a 29-year-old PhD student, went through the hardest breakup of her life. But instead of moping, Jenny showed up at the school everyday – sometimes teary-eyed, sometimes shamelessly balling her eyes out - knowing that hitting a WOD was the best thing for her. “I remember one day...I rode my bike to CrossFit, and no matter what riding a bike is the best place to cry because you can wear sunglasses so nobody can see. I pulled up to CrossFit, and Patty was just coming in, and the moment I saw him, I went from being red-eyed to balling. He gave me a big hug and told me whatever inappropriate things Patty tells you to make you feel better...,” Jenny recalled. Jenny was worried I was going to make her sound overly emotional and pathetic in this story, and although her public tears could be interpreted as weakness, I always saw them as strength and courage. Some people hide when they’re in pain. Jenny put herself out there and got the pain out of her system, so she could move forward properly. The day Patty consoled her was a day most people probably wouldn’t show up to workout. Something had just happened at home with her ex that upset her, and instead of hibernating at home eating ice cream and chocolate, she hopped on her bike knowing CrossFit Vancouver was a healthier choice. Day after day, CrossFit Vancouver played a role in Jenny’s recovery. “Knowing there was somewhere I could go everyday, where there were positive people, people who cared about me...only helped bring my confidence back. It’s been huge in my recovery,” said Jenny. To get the rest of the hurt out of her system, Jenny took off alone on a two and a half-week bike trip in August. “It was probably the best thing I could have done; it was the most amazing trip ever,” said Jenny of how she biked from Astoria, Oregon to San Francisco, California. “The biggest cry I had – I was climbing a mountain and I was really tired, and I got to the top and I fucking lost it on top of the mountain,” she said. In total, Jenny, who rode 80-140 kilometres a day, covered 1,200 kilometres in 11 days. As a girl, I naturally asked her if she ever got scared, biking all alone, tenting in the dark along the way. “This might sound cheesy, but I wasn’t scared at all because every time I would feel lonely or scared or unsure about what I was doing, within an hour of having those thoughts, something would happen that would turn that around. I would see something cool, or a good song would come on my IPod, or someone would come by and talk to me...I don’t believe in a God or a higher power really, but I felt like someone was with me on that trip in a weird way,” she said. Since her trip, Jenny has had some major changes in her life. She just began her PhD at Simon Fraser University in Health and Communications. Her ultimate goal is to be a university professor once she finishes her research. And she has a new approach to love – never assume anything in relationships. “As I move forward, in the future I will always make sure that my partner and I are on the same page,” said Jenny, who is not necessarily looking for love, but after a summer of healthy cleansing, is good and ready for love.