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Jon Montgomery - King of Skeleton

image This was Jon on the way to podium to collect his gold. Good Times!! Enjoy for now. I'll be holding a Paleo re-focus Meeting Feb 28th - 3PM. Hopefully everyone is taking in all the festivities and surrounding Olympic Mayhem safely. This city does not seem to sleep these days and we are just half way through these games. Talk about 3 weeks of stamina and endurance training. I and everyone around me can't seem to avoid those convenient, tasty, gut rumbling, face bloating, super expensive carbs that just mate so well with the big O. image So Sunday - Hockey Day at CrossFit - US vs Can goes at 4:30pm. Can't wait - we will have it on in the lounge so feel free to stop by and chill out, after of course working out at the 3pm class. We are gonna modify our good 'ol Hockey Night Workout with this 10 Rounds - 30 Sec Max Rep WallBalls (20/14lbs) immediately followed by - 30 Sec Double-Unders Rest 2 minutes -post total reps to the leaderboard. Enjoy. T.