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Do you write down your thoughts?

Do you Journal?

The current WLC lifestyle practice is Journalling and it can be a very good thing to help start or end the day. Take a read below of how journalling can help

Our thoughts often seem to have a life of their own. They bounce in and out of our heads and operate on their own schedule, coming and going as they please. Some of our thoughts don’t seem to serve any useful purpose, but there can be important or valuable thoughts inside us that we’re not present to.

Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, when we don’t get them out in some way, they tend to hang around and block our forward progress. Unexpressed thoughts are like keeping a cork in a bottle — whatever is in there stays in there, running the show on its terms. It makes no difference whether these thoughts are true or false, practical or unrealistic.

Taking the time to get our uncensored thoughts out of our heads and onto paper can liberate our minds. If it’s important stuff, now we’ve become present to it and can make it useful. If it’s not something we wish to retain or hang onto, we can rip the page out of our journal, burn it, and be done with it!

The simple act of releasing our thoughts by keeping a daily journal can give us the freedom to take back our own mind and create new connections and new opportunities. 


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