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Kayla Preston

  Yesterday I jumped into a wood recycling bin to salvage a beautiful old plant table. It was in a big, deep shipping container, and I popped myself in and out of it with no problem. I would not have been able to do that a year and a half ago. I started Crossfit training as an overweight, inactive new mom. My sister had been training for a while at that point and I was impressed and inspired by the changes I saw in her. However, I had no idea what I was really signing myself up for. During the personal training sessions I was brought to tears, on more than one occasion, just trying to finish the workout. I pushed myself so hard through some of the sessions, questioning what the hell I was doing there; but once I finished I was elated, and left with a high like no other. I got hooked.   I have never been super athlete and wouldn’t claim to be one today, but I am strong and I can do a pull-up. That makes me happy. I love reaching little milestones, because to me they are huge. For example: the first time I ran 800m without stopping, my first rope climb and the first time I strung together 10 double-unders. I was so proud of myself and I’m sure I bounced around the gym looking like quite the fool, but man, it felt good. One of the best things about Crossfit is that while I am achieving these goals, I have people cheering me on and supporting me, and 9 out of 10 times, these people are super athletes. They can do 30 pull-ups in a row and they cheer loud for my one; it is a great community to be part of.   I still get nervous sometimes before the workouts. I think if that feeling ever went away it would be a loss. The nerves challenge me to push through the task at hand, teaching me that although it might be daunting, nothing is impossible. Thanks to Crossfit I can do things I never though possible, like pulling myself out of a shipping crate with ease (and hopefully a little grace).