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Keep the Food Logs Coming - 50% compliance so far

Workout - The Good 'ol Chipper is back. This one will test some finer and more skilled movements. Paleo'rs post your time to the sheet on the wall. Thanks 30 GHSU's 30 36/30" Box Jumps 30 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs) 30 Foot Rope Climb (4x up the rope) 30 Alternating Pistols (15 a-side) 30 Push Jerks (95/65lbs) - No Racks, start 2 athletes every couple minutes Warm-up and practice the higher box jumps before proceeding. Check out what our very own adventurist/apprentice Lina has been upto. I for one can't wait to play in the snow. I gotta hit the slopes this weekend. image Lina asks us not to be stuck with the Vancouver winter blues….. "There are still adventures to be had. I will admit going to the gym is a lot easier when it’s wet and cold outside but sometimes a daring escape into the wilderness in unimaginable conditions can be a lot of fun too. I m hoping that my Crossfit training this winter helps my body retain heat better as well as get my thighs ready for the burning telemark lunges that await me in the very near future! Although the snow has fallen and I have been on my first backcountry ski tour of the season ‘shreddin’ the pow’ in thigh deep snow I am constantly itching for more. This past weekend though defined epic in a whole new way….. An adventure on the mountain bikes unfolded… On our second day of riding a group of us “hardcore” bikers rode up the Forbidden Plateau in Cumberland BC (hour ride up on mountain bikes). We began in the pouring rain but once we got going we all seemed relatively happy and comfy. As we climbed the roads turned to slush and then snow. The thought occurred to us that we might of brought the wrong gear for the weekend… we were on bikes in the snow? I think skis might have been a wiser choice… Nonetheless we kept on spinning (as best spinning can happen in snow) until we reached our trail head…. Where was it? The deep wet, slushy, muddy bogged out opening on the left…Fabulous! The true adventure was deep in ice cold water and snow. There was lots of bike pushing and carrying and rippin down water filled trails flowing like rivers. My riding skills are okay and I am strong thanks to crossfit but the deep snow and huge puddles and mud did make it difficult to stay on the bike and so my feet never managed to warm up but did become numb. Couple hours later we finally reached our cars and found some hot chocolate (not so paleo..I know) I think I am ready to hang the mountain bike up and bring the skis down for good. It is looking to be a great year of backcountry ski ahead. As winter comes to be do get out… There is tons to do from Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, snowshoe running and good ol plain tobagoning….Winter is here"