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Kelly Hansen "The Dashound": Apprentice Coach and Administrative Director

A native of New Zealand, the Dashound is an apprentice coach, as well as the school's Administrative Director and Craig Patterson's Executive Assistant. Her organization skills have become invaluable to our school. The Dashound has her bachelor's degree in Sport and Leisure, as well as a graduate diploma in teaching. Prior to moving to Vancouver, she worked as a high school teacher back home in New Zealand. In need of a change, she came to Vancouver on a working Visa and discovered CrossFit Vancouver in the spring of 2009 when she was working at Lululemon. Before she knew it, she was in love with both CrossFit and her coach, 'T-Bear,' who is now her long-term boyfriend and her head coach. T-Bear is sometimes known as the school's Paleo Bear, which has rubbed off on his better half - Kelly is a big believer in the Paleo Diet. She has seen the results both herself and her clients have had by changing their diets. As a child, the Dashound played netball, soccer, cricket, squash, and she tap danced for 13 years. Although she was always into sports, Kelly has never been more fit than she is today. She is rapidly becoming one of CrossFit Vancouver's top female athletes. Credentials: -CrossFit Level 1 certified -CrossFit Gymnastics certified -Bachelor's of Sport and Leisure -Graduate Diploma Secondary School Teaching