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Prehab/Rehab Success

Kelly Soros - MadLab Prehab/Rehab Success

Kelly Soros - MadLab School of Fitness 
It is so refreshing to have a RMT that is aware what I am doing to my body both inside and outside of the gym. 
My previous RMTs were great at treating issues that arouse from work or school but had no concept about what kind of movements I was doing in the gym.  CJ is able to bridge my two worlds together and adequately treat both. He understands that being active is an important part of my life and works with me to ensure that I am able to continue doing the things I love. 
He often spends time after a session giving me strengthening exercises for me to do at home that will maintain my long term health. 
He always does a thorough assessment prior to each session and tailors his approach to his findings.  You literally can see the wheels turning as he is thinking about what you said or what he found during his assessment. 
Without hesitation I highly recommend CJ to anyone looking for an RMT.