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Kermit Chaos - Day 2

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed "the Kermitron". It is not often that workouts give me butterflies anymore but that one sure did. What are your butterfly workouts? Fran, Diane, Lynne, JT, Zoe? You know the ones where you are anticipating and possibly fearing all day long. Post your thoughts to the comments section. Note these are not necessarily goat workouts, that is ones that expose your weaknesses; rather these are the ones that you anticipate crushing or attempting to crush or at the very least improving on your previous score. Today's workout is not supposed to be butterfly inducing, but you never know. I thought we would take a little break from the weights and try our hand at this little metcon doozie. The best part about this one is there is no scaling; so everyone is competing on equal footing, that's right no asterisks on the leader board for this one. I couldn't come up with a good name for this one so it remains... "Nameless" 1000 m row followed by... 6 rounds of 10 box jumps (20 inch for everyone) 10 v-sits 10 lunges (5 per side) ... finished with an 800 m run Now please enjoy a video of what I consider to be the worst butterfly workout, FRAN.