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Kermit Chaos - Day 4

Thursday night is traditionally "Big Man Night", but today's workout will combine two technical movements; they are an olympic lift, the clean and jerk, and a gymnastics movement, the muscle-up. Yep that's right it's time a Grace-Zoe mashup. Shall we call it Zrace or Groe? Here's how it will work: 6 rounds for time 5 muscle-ups 5 clean and jerks (85 lbs/135 lbs) Okay, a couple of clarifications. If you cannot do muscle-ups then it is a 3:1 pullup/dip progression, use bands as needed. For the clean and jerks, it is really ground to overhead; i.e. you can power clean or squat clean, heck if you really want to you can split clean. The overhead movement can be a press, push-press, push jerk or split jerk. Your choice. Best of luck with this one, it's a beast. Now, the following video features many CrossFit veterans demonstrating their muscle-up ability (or lack thereof). I would really love to see a new video with our fresh crop of CrossFitters showing their muscle-up stuff. BK even has a new camera, so get working on those muscle-ups people!