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Kermit’s Karnival of Pain - Day 3

BIG MAN... sort of This workout will focus on Overhead squat technique. Perform the following sets at increasing weight (10,8,6,4,2,2,1,1) Pay specific attention to form, do not increase weight simply for the sake of posting a larger number. I would rather see a perfect overhead squat at a lighter weight than an ugly one at a heavier weight, Things to consider Stance=Shoulder Width Gaze Forward, Head Neutral Weight in Heels Chest Up, Shoulders Back Back Arched Tight Belly Butt Travels Back and Down Pull Yourself Down Knees Track Over Feet Below Parallel Rise to Full Extension Bar OVERHEAD, Frontal Plane Active Shoulders Elbows locked "Balancing Act" Number of rounds in 20 minutes 10 Overhead squats 15 ab-mat situps Choose your weight but choose wisely. The score for this workout is the number of rounds completed multiplied by load. For example, if I were to complete 10 rounds at 65 lbs my score would be 650. If I were to complete 5 rounds at 85 lbs my score would only be 425. One other very important point for this workout, no racks allowed. You must be able to get the weight overhead by your own means, whether this is with a clean/ press/ jerk from behind combo or a snatch does not matter. See the video below for some good tips on how to dump an overhead squat safely and please when you are attempting a heavy lift be aware of yourself and others around you. Have fun!