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Kermit’s Week of Calamity - Day 1

Okay, so one our goals in CrossFit is to become well-rounded athletes. This means practicing all sorts of different functional movements. Now some of these movements you may be good at and others, well not so good. As much as we would love to shove those not so good ones into a drawer and forget about them, they always come back to bite us in the backside during a really long grinder workout, which invariably just makes it that much longer. So, instead of ignoring those movements it is time to embrace them and practice them until you are at least somewhat proficient. Now I know you are all probably wondering what movement am I talking about? None other than the dreaded double-under. For some simple as pie, for others a real demon. So without further ado here is Monday's workout. "Annie... with a twist" 15 rounds of 10 double unders 10 ab-mat situps Coaches if there are not enough ropes then you will have to run your classes in heats. Have those that are more proficient at the double unders go first in order to leave time for those that may need it. If you absolutely for the life of you cannot do a double under then you may use single skips at a 10:1 ratio, that means 100 skips per round and of course this should be marked with an asterisk on the leader board. Now just think if we all practice our skipping enough maybe we could put together routines like these. or not!