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Kermit’s Week of Calamity - Day 3 Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okay, so I did an informal survey at the gym tonight to determine where people hurt the most. It seems the hands are still recovering from Machine's pull-up ladder. If I were truly evil I would throw down a Zoe workout for gymnastics night... and believe me I want to, but I dread the hate mail that will follow. Instead I have decided to take a page out of Machine's book. The partner workout last week was one of the most unique I have done in a long time. In fact we used to do partner and team workouts quite often back at the old gym (pre-leader board days). It is an entirely different experience when you are working together to achieve a goal. You are always willing to push a little bit harder for someone else than for yourself. So, it is time for another partner workout. In teams of two, only one person working at a time, break it up as you wish. "Gym-Nasty-ics Night" Number of Rounds in 20 minutes 2 rope climbs 4 knees to elbows 8 burpees 16 jumping air squats 32 v-sits