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Kermit’s Week of Calamity - Day 6

Okay, I am sure you are all breathless with anticipation regarding tomorrow's last workout at the barn. Well, I thought all day, toying with ideas, what would and wouldn't work. Then it came to me... in the form of a phone call (you can guess who from). Tomorrow's workout will be epic, something to be remembered from years to come, something everyone will want to have a hand in so they can tell their story to all those non-believers. It is "The Move" Details are a little sketchy, to be finalized when we know the total number of participants. Here is what I do know, * Your CrossFit coaches were working very hard tonight getting everything ready for this workout * There will be 3 teams, captains to be determined * Teams will be selected by the captains on a rotating basis in a boy, girl, boy, girl fashion to help ensure even teams * There is a lot of weight involved * The workout will be run in stages with timed breaks in between stages (think Barbara - one round, three minute break before starting round two) * The winning team will be well rewarded at the Goodbye to the Barn party to follow That's it. Be there or be square.