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Kermit’s Week of Kaos - Day 1

Hey Everyone. I am pretty sure that my week follows the Machine's. So, here is your Monday workout... the one the only "Nasty Girls" Nasty Girls - 3 rounds for time 50 squats 7 muscle-ups 10 hang power cleans (135lbs/95lbs) Okay, so a couple of points of clarification for everyone. If you cannot do muscle-ups then the substitution is 3:1 pullups & ring dips, that is 21 pullups and 21 ring dips per round. Since we may be limited by bar and ring space (dependent on class size) these can be broken up as necessary. For the hang power cleans the official weights are as stated, I even went back and checked both the Nasty Girls and Nasty Guys videos just to make sure. If you need to scale the weight for this please indicate what weight you used. Now, this video has absolutely nothing to do with the workout. A friend of mine forwarded to me and I thought it was rather amusing... Let everyone know what you think of the workout, good or bad. This one is a classic so I hope everyone gets something positive out of it.