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Kermit’s Week of Kaos - Day 3

Wednesday is gymnastics day! Hmmm, what shall it be? Rope climbs, L-pullups? Not this week, instead we will be focussing on the handstand, more specifically handstand pushups. The workout will be... Team Mary In teams of two or three (or if you're really brave you can take this one on solo) do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 handstand pushups 10 pistols (alternating legs) 15 pullups You may split up the exercises amongst yourself and your partner(s) as you wish. For example, if you were to do 2 handstand pushups your partner could then do the last 3 before moving onto the pistols. Now a few points of clarification regarding the handstand pushups and pistols. For the handstand pushups, you may spot your partner as needed. Please use proper spotting technique as we do not want any heads crashing into the ground. That being said doing a proper handstand pushup means touching your head to the floor. For pistols, counter weights are acceptable. If you need to use a box or wall to support yourself make sure that you indicate this on the results board. Here is a video of some freestanding handstand pushups. I am not sure how he manages to save a couple of these, but it certainly is impressive and something definitely worth working towards.