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Kermit’s Week of Kaos - Day 4

I hope everyone had fun with the handstand pushups because now it is time to move some heavy weight as is the spirit of Big Man Night! So get ready for some heavy thrusters! The first part of this workout is to find your one rep max thruster. Make sure that you do a few warmup sets before increasing the weight. Also, do not sacrifice good form in the pursuit of big numbers, this will only lead to injury in the long run. What is the second part of the workout you ask? "Quarter Gone Bad" Five rounds for total reps of: 135 lbs/85 lbs thrusters, 15 seconds Rest 45 Seconds 50 lbs/25 lbs weighted pull-up, 15 seconds Rest 45 Seconds burpees, 15 seconds Rest 45 seconds What can I say, I can't get enough burpees this week and thrusters used to be my most despised exercise, but now... not so bad. For the pullups use a dumbbell and hold it between your legs. I know it is tempting to use a vest or belt instead, but to make the competition fair we need to be on equal footing and we simply do not have enough vests and belts to go around. Scale as needed - but the idea is to go heavy so make sure you challenge yourself. Good luck with this workout everyone and I look forward to reading your comments. Here are some fellow CrossFitters from CrossFit Emerald Coast who share your pain.