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Kermit’s Week of Kaos - Day 6

Hi Ho there! Well, I hope everyone has enjoyed Kermit's Week of Kaos. For the final workout this week I though I throwback to everyone's early days at CrossFit would be fun. Pretty much everyone has done this workout at least once or twice, so get out your books and dare to compare your previous results. It's time for... The Dirty Thirty 30 squats 30 box jumps (20 in.) 30 KB swings (black/red) 30 ab-mat situps 30 wall balls (20 lbs/12 lbs) 30 burpees I know I broke my promise regarding burpees, but what can I say the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice! Plus this workout it a quick burner, you'll barely notice them. Have fun! image