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Kickstarting Healthy Habits

In these unprecedented and stressful times, many of us have turned to old comforts to get us through.  These old comforts whether they are consuming more alcohol than we usually drink, more sugary foods or more processed foods in general, tend to be less supportive of our overall health and wellbeing.

As the restrictions on our society ease up and we look to establishing a new normal, we think this is a great time to ease back into or jump start some healthy nutrition habits.

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing a new healthy nutrition habit each week for you to integrate over the 7 days.  These will be small habits that over the 5 weeks will add up to some powerful changes to help you increase your energy and feel better overall. 

The first weekly habit will be posted on Saturday, May 16th and a new habit will be posted each Saturday for the 5 weeks.

If you are looking for extra nutrition coaching support I will also be running a group Zoom call each week where you can get some personalized attention and community support.  This additional coaching is available to all Madlab members for $20/wk for the 5 weeks.

This is not a diet and we will be looking to add to your daily nutrition rather than prescribe restrictions (with the exception of alcohol but I promise that won't be until towards the end of the 5 weeks!)

Keep an eye out in the Madlab Members-Only Facebook group for our first healthy nutrition habit on May 16th.

For more information on the challenge and on the small group nutrition coaching email