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Killer Crossfit Workout: Cassius Clay, Sack’s WOD

Crossfit Vancouver has some ridiculously fit people. This is a 5 rounder that deserves a sign of caution! Nicknamed "Cassius Clay" 5 Rounds of: 315lb Deadlift, 3 Muscleups, 185lb C & J, 2 Rope Climbs, 1 36" Box Jump This Week... Andy Sack shoots us his weekly WOD's Monday's Workout: 200m run 21 Dumbbell burpee/clean/thruster 21 Weighted pullup 200m run 15 Dumbbell complex 15 Weighted pullup 200m run 9 Dumbbell complex 9 Weighted pull up 200m Run MadLab Monday Night. Come and give your best at 6pm Big Man Night Wednesday with the Wildebeest - 6pm T-Bear Gymnastics - Thursday 6:00 to learn a few more basic movements Special Thanks To "The Ladies Man" BK for filming, and editing the video