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La feile Padraig Shona Dhuit!!!

image In July 2009 I wandered into 1340 East 3rd and my Crossfit adventure began. At that time I was the only Irish person in CFV but, now I am proud to share with you that there has been a 500% increase in the Irish population in the school!!! We have gone from 1 too 5 in under 18 months and to my knowledge are the biggest minority attending the school. That in itself is an example of how the Irish have travelled to every corner of the world and integrated into every level of society. Over 50 million people world wide claim to be of Irish decent. Irish people have built cities all over the world, are successful in Hollywood, in music, in commerce ( up until recently) and in sport. Not bad for a country of 4.5 million people that’s about the same size (or smaller) than Vancouver Island! My life has been changed forever since I moved to Canada 2 years ago. In that time I’ve made fantastic friends who have welcomed me into their homes and their country. This is my opportunity to tell you a little bit about mine. This had been planned to be a 7 day posting schedule but I got cut to 1 day. Maybe next year. La feile Padraig Shona duit! Go raibh mile mhaith agat! Slan go foil a Chairde! Peadar O’Suilleabhain (Peter O'Sullivan) aka Big Baby Today's lesson Plan Warm up: 50 Deadlift 185/115 Tech: Power Snatch......go up to 80% (It will make 75lbs seem like a dowel) Games WOD #1 Rounds in 10 minutes 30 DU, 15 Snatch (75/55) Now let the URL and Wikipedia linking begin!! Story of St Patrick *NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! St Paddy’s Day NOT St Patty’s Day. ** Ireland * Irish Sports ** ** ** Irish History ** ** Irish Music ** ** ** ** ** Irish Traditions ** Famous Irish People ** Ireland is an ancient country with a long and proud history. A short post like this can’t even attempt to do it justice. If anyone would like to know more feel free to ask me!! I would also like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to someone who is flying the Crossfit flag back in Ireland – Michael Price – if you can you should check out his site http://www.crossfitdublin. Well that about wraps it up. No doubt, actually, I hope and expect all of you will be celebrating Irish style tonight and over the weekend, When you do, I would like to leave you with a brief snap shot of my adolescent life on the mean streets of the Dublin suburb of Skerries Yesterday we lost someone I really used to identify with as a 13 year old. RIP Nate Dogg . Pour some suds out tonight. RIP home boy.