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Labour Day Chipper

We've had 3 beautiful and Classic CrossFit WOD's this week. Congrats to all that attempted and finished them. Especially Fran(#5) and Murph(#6). Next time around I'll see if I can program 4 for you all to enjoy. So, if you haven't completed Fran or Murph, one of those is your Saturday workout. For those that did, your reward this Saturday is: "The 09 Labour Day Chipper Challenge" - 64 Double Dumbbell Overhead Lunges (20/15lbs) - 32 V-Sits - 16 - 36/28" Big Box Jumps - 8 - 15 foot Rope Climbs (bring a sock) - 4 - Body Weight Clean and Jerks (70%BW for Ladies) - 2 Pullovers I'm now sticking around for the weekend so in addition to the Saturday 10am Class there will be a "Nooner" hosted by myself for those that need....I mean like a little sleep in. TBear