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Lateral Med Ball Throws for Weight Transfer and Power in Golf

Any athletic throw or swing requires weight transfer.

You load into your back or rear leg then transfer your weight forward. Following this you rotate your hips then torso then shoulder and arms and finally release what you are swinging/throwing.

If you do this rotation without the weight transfer your throw or swing will be much weaker.

Check out Major League Baseball pitcher Drew Storen execute a perfect kinematic sequence.

Just an excellent transfer of weight back then from the ground up forward. 

In order to weight transfer in the golf swing a golfer has to use the ground effectively.  We need to load into the trail leg then shift to our front leg before we rotate.  This creates lag or a whip effect with the club head.  Sounds easy right?  Sometimes it is not..

Check out Henrik Stenson here.  He is loaded into his trail side then you can see him push off and get to his lead side.  Its a beautiful thing.  Go to :50 of the video for a face on view.

Love the musical accompaniment.  

So how can we get better at this crucial move? LATERAL MEDICINE BALL THROWS!!

In this video below Jeff Ritter of Make The Turn Performance describes how this awesome move can improve your weight transfer, rotation, power and speed.

Drive your feet through the floor as well as back to front.

You can't generate your best power without this weight transfer.


Here are a couple excellent TPI weight shift drills as well:

Step Out Drill

Squat To Press To Turn


Remember the most important piece of of golf equipment you have is your body.  Take good care of it!

If you have questions about or are interested in golf fitness or TPI please contact Chris Saini at


Happy Swinging!