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Leaning up for Summer??

Step 1 – Clean up the diet.  It’s a must. Step 2 – Practice various core stability exercises Step 3 - Don’t skip our Gymnastic Wednesday WODs. So what’s an effective abdominal exercise?  You veterans should now know that sit-ups are far from the optimal go to movement. Rectus abdominis function primarily as a stabilizer muscle – they keep your torso upright while you're standing, walking, running, squatting or performing many other key movements. For this reason, the best way to work your abs is to use them to stabilize your trunk in difficult and creative positions. Think about leverage. Minimal equipment is necessary. The less leverage you have when supporting yourself in these situations, the harder the abs must work to keep the body aligned.  That’s why the super shallow hollow rock is the toughest of the hollow rocks.  Ensure your training with legs straight. A basic plank is one of the simplest examples of this type of stabilizing exercise, but that's only the beginning. Bruce Lee and Rocky did these "Dragon Flags"
Now we see all kinds of versions like the human flag or flag poling.  Easy? - no chance.  Give them a go in today's technique session. Best to grab a bench or utilize our very own vertical pullup supports. Start by doing negatives from an inverted hollow with your feet high up in the air. See if you can lower yourself to 6 inches above the ground and hold for 5 seconds. To reach dragon “status”- the objective would be to lift your entire body up in a straight line, stacking it vertically over your shoulders, then slowly lower back down until parallel to the ground and repeat for 3 to 5 reps.  Careful with you neck and engage everything you got around your midline including your low back and glutes to maintain your form and try not bend at the hips.  Cool?? WOD For Reps – 2 Couplets done twice - 4 minutes work 1 min rest x 4 4 minutes of: - 10 Toes to Bar - 5 Handstand pushups (15 points per round) rest 1 min then 4 minutes of box facing burpee box jumps (see pic below) (burpee box jump counts as 1) guys 24"/ladies 20" rest 1 min then Repeat a second time because sweat is our friend.