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Learning From the Past

Coach Emily gives us some insight into life in France right now and what she is doing to combat anxiety and stress.


Considering that as of last night my gym is officially closed over here, I'll be going for walks whenever I can and heading to the park to workout outdoors in the fresh air. 

Not only is getting fresh air good for the mind and soul—I know that going for walks outside sure has helped combat my growing anxiety about COVID-19—according to this article both fresh air and sunlight have possible healing powers. 

Specifically, the article looks at the 1918 influenza pandemic: In short, patients who were treated outdoors recovered better than those who were treated indoors, and the belief is that fresh air has natural disinfectant qualities. Further, sunlight is germicidal. Read the full article here. 

Stay safe, be smart and don't be afraid to get out and get some fresh air.