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Lets Get Out The Tire

image We have been looking at these things too long. Lets use em! I know we probably need at least 2 more tires to be able to accommodate workouts properly, we will work on that soon. For now we will have to make due. Flipping a tire is an awesome strength tool and today we are going to combine it with the rower. Thursday's Workout: Flip the tire (large for guys, small for girls) 10 times 2,000m row Lowest time wins. I suspect any girl with a dead lift over 185lbs, and Guys with a dead over 285 should be able to flip the tire. For those who can't flip the tire. Guys do the little tire , Girls do 30 heavy bag flips (End over end)......record the progression as rx'd Go one person after the other, as soon as the first person is done the flips, the next one starts. Use a running clock and write start and finish times down on a board. Good Luck!