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Lets go Wake Surfing

In my opinion Crossfit serves its greatest purpose when you can do the activities and sports that give you joy in your life. I have been an avid surfer for years and for some F@$king reason that i haven't figured out how to "get up" in wake surfing. I will get up next time :)) Here is our esteemed senior apprentice Bildo Baggins at play Here is the deal Wednesday July 20th BC Wake Board will be our charter (Tall Matt's company) 5:30 pm departure, Granville island docks Cost $50 per person, minimum 5 people, max 20. We can go out equipped for all sports, including tubing for those who just want to test their grip strength....maybe have a margarita or two (in an unidentifiable container) BBq after at Granville island If you are "IN" post commitment to comments. Thursday's Lesson Plan Warm up: 1 mile run Tech: Snatch work up to 80% of max and do 1,1,1,1,1 WOD: 12, 9 6 Snatch ( 95 /65) , burpee