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7. Let go of a timeline

10 Things I’ve Learned About Injury and the Importance of Mindset (continued)

7. Let go of a timeline

The only thing I wanted more than to know when I could expect to have healed from my injury was to actually have healed from my injury. The when was critical to my ability to plan for the future, and boy, do I like to plan. I’m also not very patient. So not knowing when I’d be done with my injury was excruciating, until I eventually let it go.

I’m not sure whether I’ve actually learned the skill of patience in a way that I can willingly apply it elsewhere, though I hope so. My experience has been, simply, that some injuries take a really long time to resolve, and there’s a point, after you’ve learned all you can and enacted everything you can think of to hustle healing along, where all that’s left to do is wait for the tissues to heal.

Waiting is difficult at the best of times, when you know how long it will take. Waiting for something that will happen, at some point, eventually, is impossible to pace. The best thing to do is to stop waiting altogether. And that means letting go of a timeline.

Stop waiting and start working on other things (see #8).
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8. Establish new goals unrelated to the injury

(Huge thanks to Shana Johnstone for allowing us to share her most recent writings)