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Ten Life Tips

I want to thank Marco Citton for sharing this article with me. It has rally helped over the last month and that is why I share it with you all. 

It gives you ten tips to live the best life ever. I also believe that MadLab really helps me to achieve some of these. 

Here are the Top Ten Tips - I have added notes on a few that really shine MADLAB for me

#10 – Get Up 15 Minutes Earlier

#9 – Get Accountability

#8 – Give Gratitude

I am grateful for this community every day. MadLab has helped me get fitter and healthier and it has also shown me how genuinely amazing people are. I am grateful for all of you and everything this place does for me

#7 – Do a Brain Dump

# 6 – Get Outside

Ok, so MadLab is not "outside" but it has helped me to realise that being outside is living a better life. Our prescription for a great life includes this "Get outside in Nature once or twice a week" (download the Ebook for more info). 

#5 – Make Friends, Influence People, and Grow Rich

Do I have the best friends....YES are most of them from here...YES - We have the coolest people in this place. We sweat together, hang out with each other at many places, we grieve together and we SUPPORT each other like no other. MadLab and the community has influenced me in so many ways and I am truly thankful for that. 

 #4 – Make a NOT To-Do List

#3 – 15 Minutes of Focus on Your #1 Priority

#2 – Set Deadlines

#1 – Create a VISION for Your Life



So have a read and keep on your journey to living the Best Life you Can! and HAVE FUN!