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Like a CF Virgin

I've been CrossFitting for some time now so I take it for granted that I can complete most workouts as prescribed. It is not usually a question of if I can do it but how quickly. However for those of you who find you require progressions for most of your workouts I too recall looking at my early CF WODs and wondering how some of it was even possible. So when I saw this workout posted on .com I was very discouraged. 3 elements and I couldn't do any of them! I felt unmotivated to face the five long rounds of humiliation but somewhere during that first round something shifted for me. I was reminded of my early days of CrossFit when kipping pull ups were barely manageable and muscle ups seemed an impossible skill that I would never be able to learn. And I felt excited to realize that I now take those skills for granted and yet as far as I've come there are still skills well beyond my ken (like the ones that follow). It made me excited to realize there is still so much for me to develop and that one day I will look back on L-Sit rope climbs and laugh about how I once thought them impossible. Technique: Review all 3 WOD movements and appropriate progressions. WOD: Loathesome 5 Rounds L-Sit Rope Climb (start seated on the ground) 5 Parallelette HSPU 10 Overhead Pistols (45lbs) Please note in round two I discovered I could do Parallelette HSPU as prescribed (yay me)! L-Sit rope climb I did in tiny increments, climbing a couple feet then dropping. I counted 30 hand-over-hands as one 15 foot rope climb. Most rounds I managed 6 rounds of 5 hand-over-hands before dropping. I did pistols progressions without a bar overhead. The total workout with progressions took me just over 45 minutes. It was tough and worth it! Don't take the easy way out on this one. Challenge yourself, choose the hardest progressions you can manage. Persevere. Love, Corey