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Lindsey Vonn - New Documentary


This is a really impactful and emotional documentary.  Set aside some time (1:18) to see it. The Sport of Downhill Ski Racing is truly KNARLY!

I thought I was struggling with my "pissed off knee syndrome" (surgeon called it that after I went in for a second procedure and draining + corticosteroid injection).

She suffered nine major injuries and had five surgeries from 2006 to 2016. 

It's a super good film.  Her hard work and training is highlighted along with her entourage of coaches/physio's/alpine technicians/etc. seeing her through all these injuries and all the hard struggles and sacrifices for her career and family.  

If you want to see some perseverance and mental toughness you will indeed like.


You can find it at HBOSports - Documentaries