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Found a couple of great Schwarzenegger YouTube clips over at Mike Nelson's site Xtreme Human Performance. Post your favorite Arnie movie quote to comments Today's Strength Element: Rack Pulls* 3-5 X 5 3 or 4 athletes to a bar, set the bar up a little above mid shin, below the knee (make a platform w/ a couple of bumpers). Pause to avoid any bounce at the bottom of lift. Today's Workout: Lizzie 12, 9, 6, 3 for reps: Power Cleans 185/115 lbs Ring Dips *A rack pull is essentially a partial deadlift, usually done using various pin placements in a squat rack. Because we intentionally shorten the deadlift's range of motion, the rack pull allows us to use a lot more weight which helps overload the muscles of the posterior chain, grip, and upper back. Andy