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Longie: Crossfit Salvage Project

Our Favorite Golf Pro has been busy getting himself back into shape to tackle life again. After falling off the Canadian tour a few years back ( his sponsor, a world class race car driver, died a sudden tragic was really hard to drain the 5 footers) Longie had been been busy taking care of his members at Marine Drive and even better care of the beer keg. Here is his last session of his first season (5 visits) of Crossfit. Longie has since returned to action a few months ago. Here is his first day back. We are happy to report that Longie, since renamed "The Mallard" (much like a mallard on water, every thing looks calm on the surface, but underneath he is paddling like old hell) has stuck with the program, changed his diet, cut way back on the booze and big things are happening in his life. Really big things. The Mallard's next update will be ready on July 12th. We are all waiting with baited breath.....this will be entertaining to say the least. T Bear and I (The Wildebeast) will be away on Vacation until July 9th. My parents are in town, I will bring them by the shop tomorrow to say hi to you guys. Have a great Canada Day Long Weekend....and Stay Safe...but not too safe. smile