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Looking Forward to a Great 2009 - Gone Surfing Till Then

image High Bum & Skeletor (Licious Girls) Graduate to Classes Well Crossfit Tribe it has been a great 2008, I am away Surfing in Costa Rica and relaxing with my family and my lovely girlfriend (Nelson wrote that) in Florida for the rest of the year. I want to thank my coaches and all you veterans who take such good care of our community. This kind of integrity allows me to take dream vacations. You guys are truly amazing people and an inspiration to all around you. Thank YOU!!! Next year promises to be even more exciting for all of us: We have just released our latest website which will have greater capabilities to further support our community. Look for a comprehensive new Nutrition, Training, and Friends of Crossfit Vancouver sections. We will be moving into a larger (6,800sqft), way more functional (showers, lounge) building in March - "The Sweat Shoppe." We will be releasing a new website that replaces our leaderboard and work "books" that will feature a "face Book" type community section. This website, designed by Mountain Man, is currently under beta test and promises to revolutionize our community. We will be hosting "Coach Wars" in the new year, where we pit our athlete's against one another every month. This is going to be interesting and should further bring the community together. I am especially looking forward to the results of the Flab Challenge and the Micro-Nutrient War which will be posted later next week (Kermit is at the helm). As a going away present to myself (Sack's Idea) and our community....... Wednesday's Workout is - MURPH! 1 Mile Run 100 Pullups 200 Pushups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run Drinks at the Coppertank (Broad way 3 blocks west of Mcdonald) following Murph at 7pm to celebrate. Take care of each other guys...........If I don't see you at the Tank, I will see you in the New Year. Adios Amigos image Charlie "Power Lifter" Palmer warning ya ta Toe da Line while Patty is hanging ten in Costa.