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Lots going on!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be flying to Orange County to meet Barry Sears (author of The Zone) and attend a seminar looking at performance nutrition, metabolic derangement, and weight loss. Those of you coming to the nutrition seminar Thursday night will get a summary. There is also a cool Loren Cordain (from the paleo diet for athletes book) seminar coming up in September: I’ll be heading down if anyone else wants to join me. Saturday’s workout is a Sage Burgener inspired workout 800m Walking Overhead Lunges (guys holding a 45lb plate, girls holding a 25lb plate overhead). Back knee must touch the ground each step, you can only be moving if the plate is overhead. Each time you put down the plate 10 Burpees before you can start again. And to conclude the week of the Machine, a quote: ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do’