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Lower Body Stretch Clinic

image Hey Gang, Giselle and I are hosting a Lower Body Focused Stretching Clinic on Sunday February 21st. This is the third workshop in our series and the Introduction to Contract-Relax class is considered a prerequisite to attend. - Re-pattern movement - Improve static and dynamic flexibility - Correct posture and coordination - Improve muscle elasticity and contractibility - Strengthen muscles at extreme ranges of motion - Decrease injury rates - Overcome back pain Cost - $60 Time - 12pm Location - Crossfit Vancouver, 1340 E 3d Ave Get your tight hammies, quads, adductors, glutes, tfls, calves and hipflexers to this class. Learn how the stretch safely and effectively to help maximize your athletic potential. For more inforation on upcoming workshops, check out Giselle's siteĀ Cocoon Wellness See you there, Andy