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LTP “Long Term Potentiation”: Strenghening The Connection Between Nerve Cells

image Andy Sac has found a really cool article by Frank Forencich that explains how the body internalizes and learns new tasks. LTP is neurospeak for "long-term potentiation," the process in which the connection between two nerve cells is strengthened. Subjectively, the LTP experience feels like a breakthrough: the task in question is hard, hard, hard, hard, hard, then suddenly easy. You struggle to complete your reps, but wonder if you'll ever grasp the concept or movement in question. Then, just when you think that you can't stand it anymore, the difficulties suddenly dissolve and you've got it. Kind of like those first few kipping pull ups our those first hundred cleans. You can use LTP to sculpt strength, endurance, agility or any other physical performance quality that you're after. Or, you can do reps on the couch and use LTP to sculpt a life of apathy and atrophy. It's up to you???